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Bulacan State University’s College of Information and Communications Technology is the premier institution in Bulacan when it comes to effective and efficient ICT education and a leader in pioneering research and extension services.

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Bulacan State University’s College of Information and Communications Technology has been providing quality ICT education since INSERT. Currently, CICT offers two courses, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Library Information Science.

With a selection of educators in its faculty with great expertise and experience in ICT, CICT students are provided with quality education once they begin their first year in their programs until the last day when they are ready to embark on their respective journeys equipped with the knowledge and experience provided by CICT.Β Read More

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Dr. Digna Evale Message

In this very fast-changing world, where technology could quickly make a lot of things dispensable and insubstantial, where something so trendy today might be out of style tomorrow, and something so powerful now might be of no use on the next day, it seems that everything is a manifestation of the apparent truth that nothing is really constant. However, amidst this ever-changing environment, I firmly believe that the founding principles about education remain the same.

Education still remains to be one of the best avenues to improve and empower ourselves, a step that we have to take to move forward towards our dreams and visions; an investment that we have to risk for a greater return that will keep paying off for the rest of our lives; and a challenge that we have to surpass through perseverance, courage, and tenacity if we want to make an impact for ourΒ Read more

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